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Student Accomplishments

Graduates of the flute program at Interlochen Arts Academy have recently attended The Juilliard School, The Colburn School, Rice University, New England Conservatory, Eastman School of Music, Carnegie Melon University, the University of Texas at Austin, Oberlin Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory, Northwestern University, and the Royal College of Music in London, among many other institutions both domestic and abroad.

Students have been chosen as members of Carnegie Hall's inaugural National Youth Orchestra; performers on NPR's "From the Top"; recipients of the $10,000 Jack Kent Cooke Award and the $30,000 Michael Komen Solo Award; winners of the "President's Own" Marine Band Concerto Competition, the Interlochen Concerto Competition, and the Florida, Ohio, and SouthEast Michigan Flute Association High School Artist Competitions; and as finalists in the YoungARTS program and the National Flute Association High School Artist Competition. They have also attended such summer festivals as the Aspen Music Festival, the Tanglewood Institute, Brevard, Domaine Forget, Orford, Aria, the National Repertory Orchestra, Jim Walker's "Beyond the Masterclass", and the Amalfi Coast Music Festival.  

Teaching Philosophy

I approach each student as a unique being: individual, flutist and musician. The students I encounter at Interlochen bring a vastly rich and wide variety of experiences to the studio here, and my goal is to promote and facilitate the highest level of growth: first by gleaning information regarding the existing skill level, inspirations and aspirations of each student, and then by helping to shape a path of study and a series of goals. Some of the specific areas of emphasis in my teaching include the physical aspects of flute playing (breath control, playing position and posture, and how each relates to musical, tonal and technical ability on the instrument); tone production, projection and color; technique; phrasing and expression; piccolo techniques; orchestral excerpts and a broad range of repertoire from Baroque to contemporary, often including some jazz basics.

I expect a high level of dedication, focus and work from my students, and in return I endeavor to provide insight, to provoke thought and self-awareness, to hone skills and broaden horizons, and to be coach, catalyst and creative guide for each of these young flutists, helping them to learn how to trust their own ears, minds and hearts and in the end to become their own teachers - thus helping them to find, and to have the ability to express, their own true musical voices. It's a team effort.  

Advice for Prospective Students

I look for students who are astute, talented, focused and genuinely interested in improving their skill, both technically and artistically, and who seek to become complete musicians as well as fine human beings. It is crucial that they be willing to devote themselves to the tasks at hand, even when they become tedious at times, and that they show significant ability to work independently and to be consistently effective in the practice room. What makes this a worthwhile and ultimately successful endeavor is a desire for excellence and a quest for artistic authenticity and distinctiveness, as well as an openness to suggestion, constructive criticism and new ideas. A willing spirit and a sense of humor are always welcome!  

Interlochen Arts Academy

Interlochen provides an ideal environment for the student who is serious about his or her craft, and who aspires to develop that unique talent to its fullest - both as a means to personal betterment, and as a means to making an indelible mark on the world. For me, teaching at Interlochen is a unique privilege, due in large part to the constantly palpable presence of dedication, commitment and creativity that exists here. Students are eager to learn, improve and grow at every turn, and it is an enduring source of inspiration for me to see the enthusiasm with which they support and encourage each other in studio class, ensemble concerts and solo recital programs. It is the very best a teacher can hope for.  

The Interlochen flute studio tends to be an intensive, creative, supportive and respectful place. In our weekly studio classes, we cover a variety of topics ranging from stage presence and improvisation to careers in music and resume writing. We also frequently hold master classes, performance forums and mock auditions and interviews for students preparing auditions and recitals. Students often attend my own local performances as well, and together we form a unique community where growth is always invited, and mutual support is a treasured gift.