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" … Nancy Stagnitta played with brilliance and beauty of tone." - The Baltimore Sun

" … not only a supremely talented musician, she represents the best of America in grace, poise and good humor." - U.S.I.A., Maputo, Mozambique

" … gave the premiere a technically assured and sensitive reading." - The Washington Post

"The interpretation of To Music by flutist Nancy Stagnitta is imaginative, playful, clear, and virtuosic — a true listening pleasure. The multiphonics were especially enjoyable. Elizabeth Vercoe's Kleemation and Other Works is a compilation recording of the highest quality from both an artistic and an engineering standpoint... outstanding in every respect, an artistic masterwork that merits high praise." - International Alliance for Women in Music

"Of great impact are the sensations which bring the audience to their feet. The interplay of each musician, the malleability of the Trio with the noted Stagnitta, the unbelievable uniformity, that seems to makes one oblivious to time. "A Voyage beyond the notes " has given place to a banner evening of real and proper art and has given a place to a great flutist like Nancy Stagnitta and to musicians of equal caliber, Sandro Spalace, Corrado Cirillo and Adriano Formati, who have "sung and expressed" note for note, taking it and leaving it as the greatest sign of love." - translated from Caterina Laita, "Napoli on the Road"

" … [the album] "Joy of My Life" is a joy indeed … both artists bring forth a marvelous sound from their respective instruments … even more impressive than their excellent sound, masterfully captured on this disc, is the way they complement each other … a melding of the souls of two fine musicians, to bring forth musical beauty that leaves one breathless … and, at least for a moment … speechless. That is very rare indeed, for this veteran broadcaster." - WBAA, National Public Radio from Purdue University

" … Stagnitta plays her flute with loving tenderness … quite inventive … [Stagnitta and Levit] breathe sensitivity into the melodic tunes, yet they also transmit stimulating vibes through their close interplay and creative interpretations … this performance has character and many surprises …" - Cadence Magazine

" … a poised and accomplished performer." - The Annapolis Capital

" … What is fascinating about this remarkable young artist is that her jazz playing is approaching this level as well." - Music Monthly