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In The Chapel in the Moonlight

Bob James, piano
Nancy Stagnitta, flute

1. Dancing on the Water
2. Air Apparent
3. J. S. Bop
4. Quadrille
5. Heartstorm
6. Smile
7. The Bad & the Beautiful
8. Iridescence
9. Bijou / Scrapple from the Chapel
10. Odyssey
11. In the Chapel in the Moonlight
12. Angela

Joy of My Life (Meritage)
Nancy Stagnitta, flute
Rob Levit, guitars
1. Softly As In a Morning Sunrise
2. Didi's Dance
3. Black Orpheus/Mahna De Carnaval
4. After You
5. The Wedding Night
6. Red Canyon - A Native American Improvisation
7. Sophia
8. Inner Voyages I
9. A Deeper Love
10. Falcon on the Ridge
11. 'Siciliano' from Sonata in E Flat Major, BWV 1031
12. Inner Voyages II
13. Joy of My Life
14. Peace Gesture
15. Daily Grind Blues
16. Amazing Grace

Points of Entry: Contemporary Works for Solo Flute by American Women Composers
Nancy Stagnitta, solo flute
1. Celebration (Suskind)
2-5. Four Glimpses of Night (Lipper)
6. Fireflies (Brockman)
7-11. Bluejays (Van Maanen)
12. Until a Name (Kaminsky)
13. Insomnia (Wagner)
14. Revamper (La Berge)
15-18. To Music (Vercoe)
19. Taming the Furies (Silverman)
20. Ophelia (Epstein)
21-27. Theme and Variation (Schonthal)
28. Musings on the Way (French)
29. Now I Pull Silver (Larsen)
30. Voices That Beautify the Earth (Galbraith)

Promising Sky
Claudia Schmidt
Claudia Schmidt Records

Jazz at Sunset Live
Jeff Haas Trio and friends at Chateau Chantal
Perfect World Studios

Wondrous Love: Appalachian Chamber Music by John Beall
West Virginia University Press

Legend of the Selkie
Jared Denhard Records